Pound Pals St Louis

About Our Team

Pound Pals started out in 1997 exclusively as a shelter volunteer group for St. Louis City that was eventually phased out after several years. Pound Pals now focuses on financing spay and neuter for cats, and helping rescues with medical funds.

EIN: 43-1754320

Pound Pals has been helping cats and dogs since 1997. We focus on spay and neuter assistance for cats and providing financial assistance to rescues for medical care of cats. EIN: 43-1754320



Lorie Matter

Lorie is co-president and treasurer for Pound Pals. In addition, she is a volunteer and foster with St. Louis Pet Rescue. Four of her five cats are foster fails!

Vicky Spies 

Vicky has been working with Pound Pals and its spay/neuter program, Nooterville, since 1996. She joined the group after her dog was lost, and found him and the group at St. Louis City Animal Control. Vicky found her passion in the spay/neuter assistance program. She thinks that spay/neuter not only is the key to reducing the euthanasia rate of unwanted pets, but also a way to help citizens keep their pets healthy.

Vicky is pictured with her dad’s rescue pup, which she took in after her dad passed away. Mason is quite a character! 


Laurie Lakebrink

Laurie Lakebrink is a board member who helps with various administrative tasks and volunteers with rescue transports for cats around Missouri and nearby Illinois. She’s a retired librarian from St. Louis, and four of her five cats are Pound Pals alumni.

Susan Bauer

Susan is co-president of Pound Pals. She is a lawyer, social worker, and advocate for vulnerable humans and animals.

Anna  Brusselback

Anna is a board member who helps with various tasks, including technology and social media. She has been active in the rescue community since 2017 as a foster and volunteer with St. Louis Pet Rescue.