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Pound Pals knows how special feral cats are to our community. We raise funds to cover Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) so community cats can live happy, healthy, and longer lives.

The Problem

It is so easy for people with the best intentions to become overwhelmed with the pace of breeding if cats are not fixed. In many cases, unfixed cats are dumped in metropolitan and rural areas, and just a few cats can turn into 100 cats over the course of several years. Female cats can have 3 litters per year, and they can become pregnant as early as 4 months. We have seen it happen.

Cats don’t ask to be born into abject circumstances where they starve, competing for limited resources. They don’t ask for entire litters of their kittens to die of flea anemia, distemper, FIP, starvation, extreme temperatures, and attacks by other animals. They don’t deserve to be shot, hit with baseball bats, poisoned, kicked, run over by cars, drowned, or killed with lethal injections to their hearts.

Once feral cats are fixed, their populations stabilize, and even become smaller over time. They benefit the community by killing rodents and living in partnership with their human neighbors.

Community cats desperately need your help. Please, will you change their lives?

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